About Us

Give your kid’s feet the healthiest and best start! 

As a family business, Ella Bonna is a brand of Mall Of States LLC. Ella Bonna manufactures handmade soft soled organic baby shoes for 0-24 months made from full grain cowhide leather, certified 100% organic cotton and organic bamboo in various colors and sizes with minimalistic design.


Ella Bonna soft sole shoes or moccs are handcrafted from genuine full grain leather, they are sure to be comfortable, great fit and safe even if babies put them into their mouth.

We use %100 natural leather, non-toxic glues, and no harmful chemicals during the tanning process; guaranteed an eco-friendly product. 

Lightweight, 100% eco, soft leather allow for maximum breathability of your baby’s foot.

Our fully-flexible and non slip natural rubber soles are suitable for baby’s first step. Pediatricians, physical therapists and orthopedic surgeons recommend soft shoes because they come very close to barefoot running.

Our soft sole design is perfect for babies and toddlers supporting natural foot development, and not preventing from moving in their natural rocking motion. 

Ella Bonna gives great importance on fair-trade and sustainability too. The uppers, linings and soles of the all collections are made with natural, sustainable and recycled materials.